Policy on Liberal Wiki is rather fair and simple, with very few rules. New rules will be added as needed.

No persons under the age of 13! At least, as far as we know. A general rule across Wikia is that all users must be over the age of 13. In the opinion of Liberal Wiki, it's a stupid policy, but still must be followed. (If you want to contribute and you're under 13, don't tell us you're under 13!!! If we don't know we can't block you; if we do, though, we are forced to, more or less.) If you join when you are under 13 but turn 13 before we know, you will not be blocked.

Use common sense. This is really the simplest rule to follow. Use common sense. In other words, don't troll, vandalize, spam, get into flame wars, edit wars, etc. Vandals will be given one warning. If vandalism persists, the user will be blocked at an administrator's discretion.

DON'T ATTACK CONSERVATIVES. Liberal Wiki was created due to Azulazulazula's disgust at Liberapedia and Conservative Wiki attack pages. Attack pages are not necessary, nor are rude attacks in general, so don't do it!

  • Pages for conservatives may be created; however, these pages are to contain only factual information about the subject. For example, a "Mitt Romney" page would say, "He is President Obama's opponent in the 2012 presidential election," not "Mitt Romney, aka count gaffula, is President Obama's unintelligent 2012 opponent." Don't bash, but don't omit, either.

Have fun. Self-explanatory, really. This is a friendly environment to share your political knowledge and talk to other liberals. Just have fun with it. (:

Other policies will be added as needed.

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